Surfing Clinic

Surfing is a dance with the water on a wave. While learning this dance, you learn more about how water moves – and how we handle our boat – than you can imagine. It is one of our favorite activities on the river! We are introducing a pilot program to get you out on the water learning and practicing this elegant dance.

Many Saturdays during the summer, the Army Corps of Engineers releases additional water from the Francis E. Walter dam to facilitate downstream recreation like whitewater kayaking. This bubble of extra water gets to the Ledges in Walnutport around 5 pm. We plan to meet at the takeout in Walnutport at 4 pm and spend a 1-3 hours playing on the water. The Ledges are made of small slate shelves that make beautiful holes and waves for beginners to learn to surf.

If you have dreamed of learning to surf, or how to spin in a friendly hole, or just want to learn more edge control, come out and play! We will keep these classes small! Call and reserve your spot. You can combine this with a Sunday river day to fill out your weekend getaway.

Some skills that you will gain by taking this class:

  • River reading
  • Distinguishing between holes and waves
  • Spatial awareness while surfing
  • Edging proficiency
  • Flat spin

Play Dates:

  • July 11
  • July 25
  • August 8
  • August 22

Prerequisite: Grad of Intro to Whitewater
Duration: 2-3 hours
Location: Ledges (Lehigh River from Lehigh Gap to Walnutport)
Cost: $49

Reserve Your Class
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